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Brian and Sue – Directors Hobsons Horsecoaches and Motorhomes Limited

It’s all go in Pahiatua! After extensive new research and development we have launched our latest new Horsecoach/motorhome onto the New Zealand market.

Features include two slide out sides, satellite television, air conditioning. Leather lazy boy, swivel seating and a three-seater sofa which folds out into a queen-size bed, while above the cab is a king-size bed, so it sleeps five easily. Add to the mix a state of the art sound system, TV/video, fridge/freezer, gas oven/griller, microwave, separate shower room, separate toilet/bathroom, inverter, hydraulic tailgate, quiet generator and 240V power, and they have all the ingredients for a good time on the road. All cabinets are in Eucalyptus Ash with soft tones, cream leather upholstery and black wall lining and carpet, sitting neatly on a new Nissan Diesel 320hp can/chassis.

We spray paint all our own units and the spray job on our own unit is awesome Harliquin charcoal and white base with two colours of Harlequin paint which continually changes colour in the stripes. We also manufacture all our own cabinetry, windows, lockers, and all relevant parts required throughout construction.

Sue designs the interior of the coaches and also the exterior stripes and works with the clients own ideas to suit their priorities.

All the work is carried out at our premises in Pahiatua, from the time the vehicle arrives it does not leave until it heads for it’s COF on completion.

We have been building these units for over 30 years in Pahiatua after leaving the UK. Brian took his apprenticeship with Rolls Royce as a sheet metal worker upon qualifying he and Sue emigrated to New Zealand. Since this time, Brian has trained three apprentices in the coach building industry, two of whom gained Apprentice of the Year status. They work with a small team of highly motivated staff from their home and on average produce eight coaches per annum.

All coaches are individually designed to customer specifications, therefore no two are alike. In the past six months we have produced a fully committed luxury motorhome complete with a washer machine/dryer, slide out sides, leather upholstery; a fully kitted out medical and accident unit to very stringent specifications; an articulated motor sport car transporters with luxury living at the front, comprising washing machine/dryer, two-drawer dishwasher, extensive power system and generator. Easy to clean garage at the rear and private sleeping accommodation for seven people at the front, also with a slide out wall in the main living area.