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Hobsons make a point of investigating every new design and innovations that are available to the motorhome industry.

Over the past year there has been a huge move in LED lighting, TV’s with SKY decoders and freeview, refrigerators that select the appropriate power source automatically, air vents in horse section that are thermostatically controlled, satellite dishes that automatically fold down once truck ignition is turned on, hydraulics that are able to divert to (manual override) without any issues Our company likes to install products that are readily available in New Zealand and bearing in mind the cost and functionality of instruments and products so that our clients find them user friendly.
There is a definite tendency for clients to want all the “mod cons” whilst at the same time simplicity of use.

The future of the motorhome industry is still filled with innovations and is always evolving with new ideas and technology. For instance the latest product is a “sound box” where you don’t need a radio fitted in the unit – it is wifi and Bluetooth to your cellphone. We are now installing routers into horsecoaches and motorhomes that give you wifi to all your devices. Future looks exciting.